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The Black Bullet Wiki is a website dedicated to providing resourceful information to the readers of the Black Bullet Manga created by Hon Morino. We are currently managing over 4 Articles on this wiki. Help us polish our articles to their maximum potential by joining our community!
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Rentaro Satomi

Rentaro Satomi is the main protagonist of the Black Bullet series, as well as a Promoter partnered up with Enju Aihara, his Initiator, in Tendo's Civil Security Company. As a member of Civil Security, and working under Kisara Tendo's command, Rentaro receives and completes mission given to them by the government; related to the deathly virus that struck mankind and surpassed it in the food chain in the year 2021. He wishes to show Enju the way, and holds a deep, family-like bond with her. Currently, he faces the biggest threat to Tokyo, Kagetane Hiroku: a masked man filled with mystery. Follow Rentaro in his adventures to protect mankind!


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Chapter 10: The Land Where Humanity Was Exiled

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk! Please do not assume that this is a correct translation until further notice.

Finally heading out to find Kagetane Hiroku in order to retrieve the Inheritance of the Seven Stars, a powerful weapon Stage V that has the potential to destroy the Tokyo area, Rentaro Satomi and Enju Aihara stumble upon a land left unexplored by humans when Gastrea first began. Soon enough, however, inside the forest an explosion is heard, which awakens the living entities and causes trouble for the young Promoter and Initiator. Despite this, they manege to stage an escape but are found by Shougen Ikuma's Initiator, who is wounded and calling out to Enju as she holds a gun in her hands.

Read the full summary here.

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Hey, shitty bitch... What the hell was up with you just now!?

Shougen Ikuma, The Beginning of the End

Did You Know?
  • ...that there are currently two volumes of Black Bullet in tankōbon format released in Japan?
  • ...that "Black Bullet" is adopted from the Light Novel "Black Bullet"?
  • ...that Kisara and Enju have a major crush on Rentaro.
  • ...that there are several chapters to be translated by a fan site, currently counting more than 2?
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